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Currently comprised of 50 members from various industries, the Luxembourg Maritime Cluster’s membership continues to grow steadily.
The Cluster’s strength rests in the rich diversity of its membership in various areas of specialisation. Within each member company there is a contact person who is able to handle your inquiries.


The working groups give premium members an opportunity to share views and ideas on different aspects related to the maritime sector including tax, finance, best practices and increasing the competitiveness of the Luxembourg maritime legislative framework. The outputs of these working group allow maritime-related businesses to enhance their competitive position.

5 different working groups:


Enhance the legislation of the Luxembourg register to make it more attractive.


Gives the participants the latest news on tax and financial changes.


Brings experts together to exchange on latest developments in spatial progress.


The working group works to include more the maritime in the education system and in the public place.


NEW IN 2021!


The group is dedicated to rethinking some communication tools of the Cluster, the interview initiative, marketing on social media, etc.

NEW IN 2021!