Le Gala des Armateurs is a yearly event with more than 100 guests. It includes a networking cocktail, a Gala dinner, and the participation of special guests. Each year the Cluster makes a donation to a Luxembourgish association.

On June 18th, 2024, the Cluster Maritime Luxembourgeois will organize the seventh edition of the Gala des Armateurs, at Le Royal Hotel Luxembourg.

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SIXTH EDITION — 16/05/2023

On May 16th, 2023, the Cluster Maritime Luxembourgeois celebrated its 15th Anniversary during the Gala des Armateurs, organized at Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg. With almost 140 participants, the Gala was an event full of success and highlighted the growth and interests in the Luxembourg Maritime sector!

Fabrice Maire, Chairman of the Cluster and European Network of Maritime Clusters (ENMC), gave the opening speech. The guests were honored to listen to Salvatore d’Amico, Fleet Director at d’Amico Società di Navigazione SpA, who gave a speech about The Safety of the Crew and Decarbonization. Then, the Cluster was honored to receive Minister Franz Fayot, Minister of Economy, who spoke about Luxembourg’s economic situation and shared some long-awaited news about the maritime sector. Naturally, we hope this news will be concretized as soon as possible.

Fundraising was made for the Luxembourgish association Smileys Kids, which helps children in Cabo Verde. The Cluster wanted to highlight the 30th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between both countries and the past collaborations of the Cluster with Cabo Verde. The amount of 5.000€ has been donated to the association and will contribute to helping more than 160 children in the country.

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FIFTH EDITION — 25/10/2022

On October 25th, 2022, the Cluster Maritime Luxembourgeois asbl organized the fifth edition of the Gala des Armateurs at Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg. Our Treasurer, Mr. Charles Gosselin opened the event, and we had the honor to receive Minister Claude Turmes, Minister of Energy and Spatial Planning, who gave us a brilliant speech talking about the current energy crisis, but also the projects of offshore wind farms in the Nordic regions with artificial islands.

Our Chairman, Mr. Fabrice Maire, gave a presentation talking about energy solutions for shipping and the last activities of the Cluster. His insights were followed during the speech of Ms. Léa Fournier and Mr. Eran Chvika from Pinsent Masons, who gave us clues to face the energy challenges and highlighted the fact that concrete solutions for a greener future do exist and that the maritime sector is a perfect example of a proactive and forward-thinking industry that has fully understood the stakes of sustainability.

This year, the Cluster has chosen to support Friendship NGO – Luxembourg, we thank its President, Mr. Marc Elvinger, to have presented the association and its hospital vessels. Through fundraising, and contribution of the Cluster, 10.000€ has been donated to Friendship Luxembourg to support their activities.

→ More information about the Gala here is our Activity Report 2022.

FOURTH EDITION — 26/10/2021

With more than 110 guests, the fourth edition of the Gala des Armateurs took place at Novotel Kirchberg on October 26th, 2021During this evening, we had the luck to listen to excellent speeches. Our Chairman gave the first one, Mr. Fabrice Maire, followed by the Minister of Finance, Mr. Pierre Gramegna. Then, we had Mr. Peter Round, who talked about Kleos Space and the company’s development in Luxembourg.

So we can say that all the room was under the spell of these speakers! Our guests also had the opportunity to attend an art exhibition during the networking cocktail, and to see the artworks of Mr. Cedric Raths and Ms. Axelle Salvage.

With the generosity of all of you, the Cluster raised 4.500 € for the Luxembourgish association Een Häerz fir kriibskrank Kanner asbl

→ More information about the Gala here is our Activity Report 2021.

THIRD EDITION — 21/10/2020

The Luxembourg Maritime Cluster celebrated 30 years of Luxembourg Maritime Law with the Commissioner of Maritime Affairs on October 21st, 2020. The law was created on November 9th, 1990. The Gala was organized in a special atmosphere surrounding the pandemic and all the safety measures. It was the first event since March 2020 and the last one possible to manage for this year. The Cluster was the only organization to propose such an event for the end of the year, and it gave a breath of fresh air for all the participants.

The Cluster was honored to receive Minister Mr. Franz Fayot, Minister of the Economy, and Minister for the Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, who talked about the marine sector’s future perspectives, its integration within the government’s economic diversification policy and the ongoing efforts towards green Shipping.

SECOND EDITION — 27/03/2019

The Luxembourg Maritime Cluster and its members celebrated the second edition of the annual Gala des Armateurs on March 27th, 2019, at the Parc Hotel Alvisse in Luxembourg. Approximately 100 guests welcomed Mr Bob Kieffer, Directeur du Trésor, and Ms. Flavia Micilotta, Director of the Luxembourg Green Exchange. Flavia spoke about the sustainable finance and the opportunities for Luxembourg.

The Gala des Armateurs is not only a convivial and networking event, it is also a fundraising event for charity. The Cluster raised 2.475 € in 2019 for the “Toutes à l’école” association.

→ More information about the Gala here is our Activity Report 2019.

FIRST EDITION — 09/05/2018

The Luxembourg Maritime Cluster and its partners celebrated its 10 year anniversary on May 9th, 2022, at the Parc Hotel Alvisse.

About 150 guests welcomed Mr. Etienne Schneider, Minister of Economy, who announced the finalization of an agreement with the Ministry of Finance to facilitate vessel registration procedures.

Entertainment was ensured by the general good mood as well as a Jazz orchestra, 5D game and a photobooth. The 10 year Gala ended late at night to the satisfaction of all the guests.

→ More information about the Gala here is our Activity Report 2018.

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